Each ml contain Albendazol 50 mg


- Gastrointestinal nematodes ( bunostomum , chabertia , haemonchus, nematodiurs, ostertagia, trichostrongylus & trichurius spp).
- Lungworms (Dictyocaulus viviparous, D.filarial ).
- Tapworm in all animals, liver fluck in cattle & sheep and treatment of ascardida galli,
capillaria, moniezia spp., syngamus trachee, raliatina and devanina in poultry


Given orally as one dose, shake well before use.
Cattle, Horses:
- For different worms 7.5 mg / kg B.wt. (3 ml / 20 kg b.wt.)
- For liver fluke 10 mg / kg b.wt. (1 ml / 5 kg B.wt.)
Sheep & Goats:
- For different worms 5 mg / kg B.wt. ( 1 ml / 10kg B.wt.)
- For liver fluke 7.5 mg / kg b.wt. ( 3 ml / 20 kg b.wt.)
Dogs & Cats:
- For different worms 5 mg / kg b.wt. ( 1 ml / 10 kg b.wt.)
Poultry :
- 20 mg / Kg B.W. (400 ml/ton B.W.)


- Donít exceed the recommended dose, especially in the case of pregnancy.
- Milk produced during treatment should not be used for human consumption

Withdrawal period

- Meat: 7 days
- Milk: 24 hours
- Poultry: 2 days


Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight between (15-30) °C.

Safety margin

Safe even double dose is given to the animal


1 liter



Each 1 ML contain 100 mg triclabendazole


For the treatment and control of early immature, immature and adult liver fluke, fasciola hepatica and fasciola gigantica


FARONEX is given as an oral drench throw automatic drenching gun .
- Cattle and Buffalo: 12mg triclabendazole /kg bodyweight.
- Sheep and goats : 10mg triclabendozole / kg bodyweight.
1- Routine treatment:

- Treat all cattle and buffalo exposed to fluke infestation at regular intervals of 8 Ė 10 weeks throughout the fluke season.
- in low infestation levels 2 treatments may be sufficient, in autumn and early winter.
- An additional treatment in spring will reduce infestation in the following
- In single cases one dose of FARONEX should be given 2 weeks after housing.
- All bought in stock should be dosed before joining the herd.

2- Treatment of subacute / acute outbreaks:

Immediately after a diagnosis of fascioliasis all animals should be treated and a further treatment given5- 6 weeks later.


- Keep out of reach children.
- Wash hands after use.
- Clean drenching equipment before and after use - Shake well before use.
- Dispose of used containers safely

Withdrawal period

-Animals should not be slaughtered for human consumption within 28 days of the last treatment.
- Do not administer to animals producing milk for human consumption


- In cool and dark place away from direct sunlight between (15-30) °C


- 800 ml , 1000 ml

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